Abusive Thoughts…

One day as I was recently driving, which I do lots with my career, I was thinking about a biography I am editing with my amazing 10th grade English teacher.  Sometimes, I cry as I read chapter after chapter of this powerful story of abuse that my mother endured, but was spared.  I hope you can read her story one day called Spared from the Abuser’s Hands.  The physical, mental, and emotional abuse from the hands of her husband, my real father, is simply barbaric and unthinkable.  I am so proud of her for wanting to share her story with the world because this same woman started a mission in her home country of Guatemala many years later.  What was intended for evil, God used for good.

Several thoughts then entered my mind that you and I struggle with regarding ABUSE.  We are very guilty of allowing ABUSIVE THOUGHTS to enter our mind and then we actually continue to feed our minds with more abusive thoughts until we begin believing them.  Do you ever think to yourself….?  “I could never accomplish that!”  ….”I am not pretty enough to compete!” …..”I am just stupid!”…..”I cannot even speak good English!”….”I just look fat!” ……”I will never have enough money because I do not deserve anything better!”…..and I could write a book of negative thoughts that we feed our minds and then we believe them; therefore, our attitudes and actions reflect what we are thinking….STOP!

You begin believing in yourself and ask Jesus to help you feed your mind with His promises.  You know how?  Begin opening His word and read His promises aloud to yourself and begin defeating Satan because He is the ABUSER!!!

Your relationships will improve and you will no longer be captive to ABUSE.. this mental abuse that we do to ourselves is exactly where Satan wants us because he is so afraid of what we will accomplish if we believe in God’s promises!

Isaiah 41: 13  —   Isaiah 40:31  —-  Isaiah 54:17  —–  James 1:5  —- James 4:7 —-Deuteronomy 31:8  —-  Jeremiah 29:11  —-  John 3:16 —-Psalm 37:4 —- Proverbs 13:11— Proverbs 22:6— Romans 8:28 —-Philippians 4:6-7— Proverbs 3: 5-6

Many new exciting chapters are starting for you and me as we head back to school as teachers and kiddos and parents.  Teach yourself to focus your attention to good thoughts about yourself and your family!  Put scriptures in your child’s lunchbox or backpack, put a scripture to claim in their life in the morning at breakfast, tape a scripture on your rearview mirror and talk about it on the way to school….I want my kids to have an ABUSIVE FREE thought life and it starts with me!  How about you?  You are amazing!!!  There is no other amazing person just like you!  Claim all that God wants to do in your life!!!  You have bright days ahead because you are so unique!!!

Embracing God’s Promises!…. Mary

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  One thought on “Abusive Thoughts…

  1. Anonymous
    August 3, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Oh my goodness Mary! This has me written all over it!!! All of those abusive thoughts you wrote of hits home! I find myself thinking of almost all of them daily! My mother was also in a very abusive relationship with my dad. Somehow, I think that is part of the reason for my low self esteem and the fact that I was in a verbal and abusive relationship also. Thank you so much for this article and suggestions about the bible verses and posting them in various places. I am going to read the verses you included above. Also, teaching Isaiah about our caring Father! Sorry for such a long comment but I was shocked by how much I related to your article. Thanks and God Bless!!! Margie Edwards

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