We all want to be known for something!

9449842-3x2-700x467Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how people would remember you after you are dead and gone?  If we stared long enough in the mirror, I believe we can all come to the same conclusion- We all want to be known for something!  I did not say we all want to be famous, even though the temptations are luring everywhere with the introduction of social media– if I get enough likes, enough shares, enough views…ok ENOUGH!

What do you want to be known for?  Someone who was a good listener.  Someone who always showed acts of kindness.  Someone who put family first.  Someone who shared their faith openly and passionately.  Someone who invented a cure for autism.  Someone who graduated from college.  SOME OF THE MOST AMAZING SOMEONES are those who beat all odds against them…... examples:   Something that once only seemed like a flicker of a dream is now a someone who is living it to completion!  Someone, despite having a stuttering problem, entered a career of public service.  We do not have to do something that no one has ever done before, we just have to do it like no one else would….unique to what our gifts and talents are.  Do it like it was only meant for you!

Sadly, when things begin going bad for us in life, we still want to be known for something SO the temptation becomes even greater.  If you cannot be known for something good than be known for something bad…this is how our society has become numb to those around us.  We see people hurting everyday, yet we do our best to ignore it and say to ourselves, “If they only knew what I was dealing with too.”  We are all dealing with heavy stuff in different seasons of our lives, but when our season is full of beautiful flowers, then we need to share those with someone who needs SOMEONE.

If no one will notice me for doing anything good, then I will find a way for them to notice me- notice me doing bad!…this must be what a school shooter is thinking.  The threats may come across in a joking way at first, but then the seed that is planted begins to take root and then grows into evil weeds that grow too rapidly to contain or manage.

So I ask you, what do you want to be known for?  Ask yourself that question and then ask God what does He want you to be known for.  Either your answers will co-exist or you will need to pick- your choice or His choice for your life….something beautiful and powerful happens when His choice = the same choice you would pick for your own life…


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