Does Someone Believe in You?…

So, does someone believe in you when you have something in mind you want to do?  The person who should believe in YOU is YOU!  If you do not believe in yourself or your abilities, then how can anyone else?  And, the confirmation comes – if what you are wanting to accomplish is a PASSION and you think about it often, then this means it is also something God wants you to accomplish.  He has a way of reminding us over and over and this is where the PASSION is fueled.  We find ourselves saying, “This is my dream!”

It may be something so far out of reach so we will have to get out of our comfort zone to accomplish it, but remember nothing is out of reach for God!  I heard the analogy once and I really like it:  When we learn how to swim, at first we are so afraid of the swimming pool.  In time, we have more courage to go further into deeper waters and finally to swim all around the pool.  Well, it seems PERFECT because we know how to swim and we can move anywhere we want in the pool.  We are comfortable!  This is where the pain begins!  God takes us out of our comfort-zone (pool) and says, “I have something more grand to give you!”…we leave the pool kicking and screaming!  With little trust!  We have to trust!03e7bfdeb5aa11e2bb3e22000a1fb8a8_7 Then something happens.  He takes us to the most magnificent blue ocean and places us in here.  The water never ends!  We can now swim, snorkel, surf, ski, and on and onIn time, what seemed so uncomfortable will become comfortable.

If you are having a hard time believing in yourself then this must mean one thing –this is something you are not supposed to be doing.  Just because it feels right (comfortable) doesn’t mean it is right.  Have some courage and ask God to give you the passion to accomplish something… then His will for your life will become your will too and fireworks will go off because you cannot wait for it to become possible…He will guide you, give you strength, and most importantly, build an intimate relationship with you as He whispers, “Remember I believe in you too!”

That is all the confirmation you need!  So believe in YOU!

Psalm 37: 4-5

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