To stand or kneel…

download (1)As the Super Bowl unfolds just hours away, there are players, not focusing like they should on the game today, but rather, should I stand or should I kneel ? for the National Anthem.

I would like to ask these same players a question?  When you were a little boy, possibly living in poverty, inside the classroom as a child and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, did you proudly stand up and place your hand over your tiny little heart and recite the words?  I would say 99% of you did and you were proud to do so.

Then as you grew and possibly played football in high school, did you get chill bumps when the National Anthem was played during your high school playoff game?  During those moments did you dream of becoming a superstar one day…an NFL player making it all the way to the Super Bowl?  Most likely 99% to 100% of you did stand and proudly listen and even move your lips as they sang the National Anthem.

Well, then, what changed?  You are still that little kid, maybe a little runt that no one believed in, no one but you!  WILL YOU STAND for the KIDS WHO ARE WATCHING YOU and WANTING TO BE JUST LIKE YOU?  They are dreaming the big dream of becoming an NFL player one day too and going all the way to the Super Bowl.

If we truly look back, there was a sour attitude in a player who started this kneeling.  He wasn’t the star quarterback anymore.  He was tossed to the sidelines, but he felt like he had been abandoned SO he decided to take negative action.  AND THEN it trickled on….drip, drip, drip.

I teach my children that it is a privilege and an honor to stand.  We live in the great United States of America and there is just this sensation of chill bumps running through our veins as we hear those amazing words from an amazing voice.  It is a fellowship among Americans!  A moment to feel PROUD in UNITY!!! And, we go out of our way to say simple words, “THANK YOU” to every military person we see in public…what an honor to use our voices to show gratitude for the immense sacrifices!

Today, if I see you kneel, I won’t look at it in a negative way, but instead it will remind me of all the times I just didn’t know what to do so I took a knee and in reverence bowed before the Lord….in my eyes, you are not protesting, you are giving thanks to God… that is what your “taking a knee” will mean to me and my family….I refuse to allow negative comments/ protests to steal our joy in the game!  And don’t worry, the media are just biting their lips hoping to show some of this negative response because they love controversy!

Just remember, God is the one who gave you the gift of playing this great AMERICAN sport!  You did nothing on your own….  News FLASH:  You are playing in the Super Bowl which is played no where else but the GREAT UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!

Thank you to every player who STANDS and pays respect to our great land and our great people!  Continue to be the positive change you want others to emulate!… PROUDLY STAND! and PROUDLY PRAY for our military!



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