I want to be a good friend…

friend-of-GodIn my prayer, I said to Jesus, “I want to be a good mother, I want to be a good role model, I want to be a good wife, and most of all, I want to be a good friend to you, Jesus.”  You have to be a friend to make a friend.  Does Jesus get included in all your buying decisions, your good news of the day, your sad times, your dreams, your fears?  This is how the most important friendship in your life will blossom into a bouquet of new friendships because people want to be a friend with someone that Jesus even calls, “my friend.”

See when we are in a close intimate relationship with Jesus, He reveals things to us that He doesn’t share with anyone else because He trusts us with the revelation and He knows it will motivate us to follow our dreams ( the same dreams He has for us).  He will put people you have not spoken to in some time on your heart and then He expects us to immediately act and check in on that person because they need to hear from Him….WE ARE ONLY the MESSENGER to deliver “Jesus wanted me to remind you how much He loves you!” …in whatever way Jesus wants us to reach them…. a text, an email, a card.

As this intimate relationship grows, so does the responsibility grow.  Jesus puts us in charge of more to glorify Him because we have grown to know Him in ways most will never and not just the evening prayer during dinnertime…an all-day long visiting with Him, bragging on Him, and seeing His involvement and intervention in every walk of our lives daily.  It is like looking at life through new lenses!

Being a good friend who turns into a great friend begins with you and me.  The only friend we should invest time in is our intimate friendship with Jesus.  From this friendship, Jesus will bring us earthly friends who will encourage us, build us up, pray for us, believe in us, and accept us in spite of all our flaws.

When we are living for Jesus and since Jesus is the only One who sees what we will become (and because it is beautiful)  He will help us get there since He holds the map…  and the destination will be far greater than we could have picked for ourselves…this is a friend worth holding on to for dear life!

Make this your new prayer, “Help me become a better friend to you, Jesus!”


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