94d16640f72d3aff7b49dd5f0e3ce1b4Wow! This is a word that is rarely used in our vocabulary today.  Do we even know what it means?  Well, it is the opposite of “tearing down”.  To edify means to “instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually” or simply, “building up”.

We seem to live in a society that is wired to perk up when bad news is being shared.  And, sadly, we tend to tune things out ( like school shootings) because we have heard this negative story too many times.

Over and over inside the pages of the Bible, a continuing theme is being told.  Build others up and there are many ways we can do this.  We can share personal testimony ( the good, bad, and ugly) and how Jesus has changed our life which gives others hope.  We can use our spiritual gifts like writing, teaching, serving others, giving, and so many other wonderful character traits – all in an effort to build up those around us.

Some words associated with EDIFY:  Educate, Train, Guide, Instruct, Teach and so many more.  And, these are all POSITIVE words which mean to build another up.

Is there an unique way in your work/job that you can EDIFY others?  Absolutely!  Stay- home Moms can edify there most important job- raising their children.  A construction worker can show, through visuals, how important a firm foundation is for the project and encourage workers who work alongside him.  A check out clerk at a grocery store can talk about the blessings of food and share with customers a listening ear or small words of encouragement.  Teachers may think, “Well, my job daily lifts others up.”  Does it?  Sometimes, when the pay is small, our attitudes become sour.  This drips onto the children we teach.

This Monday, ask Jesus to help you use words/ actions that will EDIFY those who come in contact with you AND watch/ listen how you, too, will become better because someone will EDIFY you in return.  Small actions/ small words lead to great towers/ great speeches so use your words wisely and use your positive words/ actions vastly!

“Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another”….Romans 14:19


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