When we least expect it…a compliment

781c7c19c01ba4a6ed4478f6dc710d9b--compliment-quotes-positive-feedbackI think some of the best compliments come when we least expect them to…you know, the days you don’t feel like putting on makeup or shaving (guys) and then BOOM! someone pays you a genuine compliment!  It makes you feel really good inside.

NOW, we all need to work on accepting compliments too!  TAKE it …you deserve it and TRUST ME you do not get one everyday…put it in your “compliment journal”….yes, why not?  Keep a journal of all the compliments you have been given this year so you can thank God during those moments when you feel really down or feel you are failing as a parent!  He will use this journal to remind you how wonderful you are to others!!!

I have a funny story to share:  My son, who has autism, can be a challenge to deal with when we have to do homework.  Since he does a homeschool program, we have tons of it and he takes longer to complete it so we have to break it up into 30 minute segments.  Anyway, during these struggling moments, he can say some very mean things to me and while he is disrespecting me, I am praying because my patience is running thin like water.  Last night, after I treated him and his sister to a movie, I decided I wanted to do some more homework because I knew he was wide awake.

We began the homework and I stood over him to make sure he “spaces” correctly and writes neat enough to read.  He finally had enough and asked, “Why are you standing over me?”  I replied, “Why does it matter?”  He replied, “WELL YOUR BEAUTIFUL PRESENCE IS DISTRACTING ME!”…..what JUST CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH?

I was so taken off guard that I started to laugh a little and then I thought, “Oh no, I do not hear this everyday,”  so I asked him, “What did you say?”  I moved in closer!

He repeated it, “Your beautiful presence is distracting me from my work.”  I wanted to do a little dance, but instead, I replied, “WOW thank you BUDDY for saying something so kind…so you think Mom is beautiful huh?”  His reply, “Yes Mom now let me get back to work.”  Ok, I was fishing for more because I got greedy!

Oh, I am writing this down in my “compliment journal” that I am starting today!  AND I am going to remind him the next time ugly words come out of his mouth.  But, mostly, I am going to thank God because I was really tired and this gave me a new “kick in my step” so we could complete our homework!

“Sing to Him, Sing praises to Him; tell of all His wondrous works!”….Psalm 105:2


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