My kids have in common…

IMG_0202When you look at your kids, do you notice how different they are?  Or do you watch the many things they may have in common?

Well, if you are proud to wear the title “Mom” then the ONE thing that you can say about all your children that they share in common, “My children can make me smile!”  Pay attention to yourself when you are around your kids.  Do they amaze you by their abilities or the things they do/say that emulate YOU?  Or do you feel ashamed sometimes by the ways they emulate you?  OUCH…we definitely have those days don’t we, Mom?

This NEW YEAR let us decide to remain positive overall…because this is a great quality that your children will definitely begin emulating and in return, everyone will be more pleasant to be around.

I have learned to stay as far away from negative people as I can and I encourage my kiddos to do the same…we can surely pray for people, but when we surround ourselves with people who cannot be grateful for anything….few smiles remain on our faces!

Then sprinkle in something like autism into your family dynamic and there are enough sad days inside the four walls of our homes. We need to find all the positives in our children, autistic or not, so we can enjoy this small window of time we are given on Earth.

Maybe that is why God directed me to write Marvel in your Autistic Eyes because inside this book I focus ONLY on the positives of autism and you know what I have found?  God has sprinkled more laughter into my home because of all the things my son takes literally in life.  It makes for a nice balance and we truly cherish the laughter filled days because there are many hard days in life too.

In 2018, stand in front of your mirror and say over and over, “I want to find more reasons to smile this year”

…THEN watch yourself SMILING and see how beautiful this sight is to see!  “You may be the only SMILE someone finds today so SMILE with all your heart!”….our children are watching and waiting to emulate the lives we live….

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