A FREE Gift…

Yes, I know.  Especially during this hectic shopping season, when we hear or see the word FREE, we tend to look because we are interested or at least curious?  And yes, skeptical.

Well, I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to write about a FREE gift that I personally know about.

In a story I wrote called “The Ornament” about a blue ornament with autism, the other ornaments are upset because they can only celebrate Christmas in December and they begin bickering.  (Video can be found on Marvel in your Autistic Eyes Facebook page).

Many of us feel sad, lonely, overwhelmed, even when the month of December comes with dreaded anticipation of Christmas eve or Christmas day.  See, we are focused on the worldly things, i.e., gifts!  And yes, there will be many who can outdo our Christmas presents which is how Satan makes us feel yucky about Christmas instead of joyful.  He will do anything to rob our joy!!!

Maybe we have become so busy that we do not even focus on the word Christmas.  I mean really focus!  It has the word CHRIST inside of it.  This is by no accident.  See, we can have Christmas all year long when we have CHRIST all year long.  AND, have you ever wanted someone to refer to you as a blessing or a gift in their life?  Yes, me too!  With Christ in our hearts, we are a gift to the world.  BUT, we have to share our gift- we cannot be selfish and keep it only for ourselves.

Then, anyone who listens and accepts our gift of Christ by asking Him to live in their hearts WILL RECEIVE A FREE GIFT- The gift of salvation with the promise of living in heaven for eternity with everything sinFREE…another FREE gift!  It is a get one FREE with a double get one FREE offer!

The reason this gift is FREE is because God allowed His one and only son to die a brutal death on the cross to carry our sins so we could be given this FREE gift of salvation.

It does; however, require action and this is where the sad part of this story comes.  People live daily refusing this FREE gift of salvation and would rather play the odds that “I can get my life straight right before I die”.  Well, friend, that is why we never know the day we will die.  It is far too high a gamble with our life to wait.

We cannot fathom eternity, but if you try, I would rather know I have everything perfect yet to come, including being with Jesus without one ounce of pain or sorrow or even a stump on my toe.

It is easy to receive your FREE gift today!  Just get on your knees and in your own words and in your deep sincere way, ask Jesus to come and live in your heart forever and ask Him to forgive you for all your past sins so He can make you a new person.  A born again person..no, not literally, but your heart will change forever and you, my friend, can celebrate Christmas all year long!  because you now have, CHRIST all year long!

Now that is a FREE gift worth accepting!good-christmas-gifts-ideas-for-girlfriend

“What we have received is not the Spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has FREELY given us.”  1 Corinthians 2:12


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