You Kept that? To, You Kept That!

It is amazing how a young child can express themselves so beautifully as they craft an innocent note or a picture onto a notebook page.

What do we do with these mis-spelled silly little notes and writings?  Do we just throw them away or do we embrace something beautiful that is to be treasured?

I found a note inside my daughter’s backpack as her 2nd grade class has to practice writing letters on Monday’s at school.  She happily explains how much fun she had with her best friend who came for a sleepover.  The drawing just melted my heart!  So, instead of throwing it in the trash after my heart felt warm, I proudly displayed it on the refrigerator…no big deal, just silently placed on the refrigerator.  OUR KIDS NOTICE EVERYTHING so I suspect when she arrives home from school making her way through the kitchen to find a snack, she will see the note and either make a very happy comment or smile knowing her Mommy cares what she cares about.

From time to time, allow your heart to embrace a few, not all because you do not want to become too cluttered, and get a small tote and place underneath your child’s bed.  When a note really touches your heart, place it inside the tote so at the end of the year or on your child’s birthday, surprise him/ her and say, “I want to share something with you.”  Pull the tote out from its secret hiding place and show them beautiful things that touched your heart over the past year (show how their writing skills improved too) (put a date on img_1706-note-from-mia-nylathe notes too)….NO GIFT in the world can give them the joy of this kind of caring and giving …you share with your child that you are also watching and it gives you a beautiful reason to brag on your amazing gift- your child!

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