“When I am in pain, you are there for me.”

p13200110912-2As I was dropping off my 2nd grader today at school, we exchanged, “I love you’s”, and then she said, “Thank  you Mom for being there for me when I am in pain.”  AWE my heart felt like someone had poured some warm syrup on my melting heart!

Earlier, before heading out to school, she felt a little tummy ache so I gave her a little medicine with a comforted hug and kiss.

As I drove away, I found myself repeating these same words, but not to a human.  I said aloud to Jesus, “Thank you for being there for me Jesus when I am in pain.”  Sometimes it is simply a feeling of sadness that cannot be explained or feeling drained, but I realized, it doesn’t always have to be a BIG PAIN that I feel before I lean on Jesus.  It can be a pity party I decided to have this day, but even though no one wants to come, Jesus always attends.  He attends because He loves me and He cares about me in the big stuff and in the small going -through- another -day stuff.

Just like I am there to comfort my child when she may be feeling a little down, Jesus reminds me, “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.”…Isaiah 66:13

We have to initiate the conversation and visit with Jesus, but He will never say, “Well, I have to go now.  He will stay as long as we need him to.”  Now this is company worth having. Why don’t you invite Jesus to visit with you and share your fears with Him?

So, today, “Thank you Jesus for being there for me when I am in pain and when I am in joy.”

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