Man of few words…


Do you have a man in your life who you may describe as “A man of few words”?  Well, just know, this same man may be a man with a heart full of words too!  Hope you enjoy this poem I wrote back in 2010

Man of Few Words

I may be a man of few words, but inside my heart, I can never quit expressing how much I truly love you

Actions speak louder than words and I hope my actions of love reflect my constant love for you, too

God must be rewarding me for something I have done right

For this man of few words never forgets to pray this simple prayer at night,

“God, thank you for allowing me to spend this day with the love of my life

And help my actions this day, from this man of few words, speak volumes of devoted love that I have for my beautiful wife”…

Potter’s Hand Poetry 

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