Sometimes we need to say, “I am sorry”…

For most of us, our natural inclination is to move forward and blame.  It is so hard to step backwards and just apologize.  A huge lump in our throat can appear because it even feels uncomfortable saying.

This is why I think it so much safer to become a better listener.  We have time to really think about what we are going to say before we rush to blurt out words that later we may regret.

WE ALL have things in our past that we want to take back and yet even though this is the case, we still cannot say “I am sorry.”  If you cannot publicly say these 3 words, then take time to tell God you are sorry.  TRULY SORRY.  I do it all the time and the blessing is, I no longer have to hold on to the guilt.  He removes it as far as the East is from the West.

The sad part is when we finally take the courage and say, “I am sorry,” (especially confessing to God) for something wrong, we make Satan extremely angry SO he makes sure to continue to bring it up over and over- sometimes in sneaky and unpredictable ways.

The more we take courage and say, “I am sorry,” the more our faces shine- oh how they shine because we are free from bondage.  Our children even look at us in new ways- “I want to be more like her.”



When you say, “I am sorry,” this also means “I am now silent” about this past mistake.  There is no reason to waste anymore time and energy….move forward, and become the best YOU – you can be!  Nothing more, Nothing less- just beautiful YOU!

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