My daughter replies, “Drink lots of Jesus!”

Well they say sometimes some of the cutest things come out of children’s mouths.  Well, I witnessed it first hand as I was visiting with my daughter about good skin care and preventing breakouts, etc.  Ok, it may be a little silly considering she is only 7, but we had seen a lady who had many breakouts (I actually believe it was a skin disorder) and my daughter asked, “Mommy what was wrong with her face?”  I gasped, but didn’t realize it as she began crying slightly and said, “I am not trying to be mean, I just didn’t know.”  It was so sweet to see her compassion shine through.

I explained to her as best I could that I did believe she may have had a problem with her skin, but I was so proud of my daughter for treating her like the other elderly ladies at this event we attended.

I began to explain how I, as a teenager, had problems with breakouts and I pray my kids do not have to experience the same skin issues I had which unfortunately has left blemishes.

I asked, “What have I told you to drink up as much as you can?” and  “What have I told you that you can never get enough of?”  She lit up, smiled at me and replied, “Jesus!”  “You can never get enough Jesus!”  I began laughing and she then said, “Well, you pointed up when you asked?”  Obviously, she ignored my 1st question.

I replied with, “Actually my answer was WATER!”  “You know how I tell you to drink water all the time.”  Then we both laughed as I said, “Your brother who looks at the world so literally is definitely rubbing off on you!”

But you know what?  I like her answer much better!  Drink up lots of Jesus and let HIM cleanse you from the inside out!!!! 15978481-close-up-of-pretty-girl-drinking-water-from-glass-stock-photo

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