Who or What do you depend on?

I was up early around 3:45am having quiet time with my very best friend and in my prayer –it was a prayer of gratitude.  Talking with Jesus about my future as a writer and an author and about my children and possibly grandchildren and the beautiful list goes on and on.

In the middle of my prayer, Jesus diverted my attention to Guatemala where I have personally witnessed some of the poorest settings of living conditions and he whispered, “Who do you think they depend on for their next plate of food, for their child to not go to bed hungry tonight, for their roof not to leak from the rainy season, and the list goes on?”  Then He took me to the chapel of the Santa Fe mission – the mission my mother founded many years ago and allowed me to see how these people worship.

I have never witnessed worship like this!  They fall to their faces to the ground and praise Jesus.  ( and yet they have SO LITTLE)  They fall out fainting because they have such a deep love for Jesus ( and yet they have SO LITTLE)

As I sit curled up in a warm blanket – some days with my warm cup of coffee- Do I really completely depend on Jesus or do I somehow realize because I have a great job or a great education or great kids or great bla bla bla? that I will be just fine.  I am guilty are you?

Most days even though I love the Lord, do I really depend on Him?  Sadly, no because I just know the next meals and many meals thereafter and a warm house or a cool house or clean clothes will just be waiting for me as if I am some royal person who deserves.  I DESERVE NOTHING and yet Jesus showers me and you with so many blessings and yet do we even give him 5 MINUTES of our day?  Do we?

In poverty stricken countries, when you find someone who loves Jesus it is not the same way we love Jesus.  They depend on EVERYTHING to be provided by HIM and HIM ONLY.

Wow!  I think I have a whole lot of praising to do today!  How about you?  and find less time to complain about nothing because we are such a “spoiled brat” society!

Oh, to have the mindset of “Just give me Jesus”….

May you spend time praising Jesus today!!!

Isaiah 41:13man_praying_center_for_biblical_counseling

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