Sprinkle kindness over here…

blowing_moon_dust_by_evendeathliesAs a Mom, do you ever some days just decide to have a party?  A pity party?… Unfortunately, you are the only one who will attend.  In today’s society, there is just so much that will drag us down.

We feel uplifted when in the midst of all the chaos, we can hear some inspiring story or act of kindness that did NOT go unnoticed.  Do you sometimes feel like you do so much for others, but little in return is done for you?  We all have these days so know, you are not alone.

Is it bad to have “pitiful” feelings and moments.  No, it is called being human.  BUT, I know the fastest way to snap out of a pity-filled day.

Do something kind for someone else.

A couple of things happen:

  1. You discover there really is much joy in giving.
  2. When you sprinkle kindness, believe it or not, it is something your kiddos are watching and thankfully, wanting to emulate.
  3. When you least expect, because God is watching too, KINDNESS will COME BACK to you!  Just watch and see!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to make a bus driver feel extra special as we celebrated bus driver appreciation week in our school system.  My daughter, age 7, went with me to deliver some goodies to my son’s middle school bus driver.  On the way back down the street to our home, I asked my son to pull the garbage can up our long driveway and he gladly was willing to help out.  Then, I turned to my daughter and asked, “Do you want to do an act of kindness for someone who didn’t expect it today?”  She smiled and immediately replied, “Yes!”  I asked her, “Well then, do you mind taking our neighbors garbage can up for them too?”  She sort of frowned because this was not at all glamorous – it is sort of yucky!  I smiled her way and said, “Can you imagine how they will feel when they come home from work and see their garbage can placed safely by their fence?”

She then said, “Ok I can do something kind like you did mommy.”  I watched as she struggled a little to pull the large garbage can up the neighbors driveway, but I have to believe she was a little more willing because she was able to see “the look” on the bus driver’s face when we made her feel extra special ….

Teaching our children KINDNESS today when it seems to be very unpopular can never go out of style.  The more we can push people down and kick them while their down seems to be the popular thing to do today!

Well, this Mom feels different so I encourage you to sprinkle some kindness over there and watch, as someone will say in return, “Sprinkle some kindness over there” and you just happen to be the person who receives it!

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