Richest people on earth!

If you were asked, “Where do the richest people on earth reside?”….you would think and try to find out…hey, maybe some of it will rub off on us in our trying economic times…right?  Our ears perk up instantly!

Sadly, the answer is not glamorous like the diamond fields of South Africa.  NO, the richest people on earth reside in cemeteries all over the world!

See, this where many dreams died and never came true….people were too afraid of failure and yet many inventions lie dead, many writers who could share profound stories that could change one person’s life for the better, new medicines could have been created which could be a life-saving cure for someone still living today, a teacher who could have shaped a child’s life in a way to become the next leader of our country and on and on….THEY were simply afraid of failure OR they gave up when it seemed like no one believed in them!

As a writer and author, I can be a witness to understand all those fears and rejections…it hurts deep, but when you have been given a dream rooted and then fertilized by God, nothing is impossible!  Don’t give up!  Be your own cheerleader and ask God to put people who will encourage you to keep dreaming so it can become a reality one day!  Allow God to guide you to the right doors because I promise you, if He put the dream in your heart and then you allowed it to be the dream you cling on to, there is NO WAY it will not come true for you.

In this New Year, has rejection already followed you into the New Year?  Well, you, in return, reject it and follow your heart and dare to dream.  Remember, your miracle could be right around the corner so don’t stop praying and believing!

Don’t let Satan’s lies become louder than God’s small still voice!….garbuttsville-cemetery-1080x675

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