Born different…

I heard one of my favorite pastors on the radio share this story and it made me think of children with autism too.  Here it is in my own words:

Once there was a little girl born with a cleft lip.  Knowing the kids would make fun of her for being born different with a lip that looked odd to them and a nose a little bent, she carefully made up a story of falling suddenly and being cut by a piece of broken glass which, in turn, cut her lip immensely.  This lie made kids not make as much fun of her because she looked so different from all of them.  The bad days still came and ugly names were thrown her way.

She had a 2nd grade teacher that all the kids loved!  She would make the kids sit silently as she would go around the room and whisper something into each one of their ears.  She would say things like, “Enjoy this beautiful blue sky given to you today” and so forth. Small words of encouragement!  When she came upon this little girl, she whispered something that changed this young child’s life forever.  She whispered in her sweet little ear, “I wish you were my little girl”.  These few words turned this little girl born with the cleft lip into a writer and author later in her life.

You know what?  We are all deformed by sin!  But, Jesus loves to whisper into our ears, “I am so glad you are my son.”  “I am so glad you are my daughter.”  OR if you do not know Him personally, He whispers, “I wish you were my son or my daughter”.  Do you know him intimately today?

And I believe Jesus says it just a little louder and even more frequently into the children with special needs like autism, “I am so glad you are mine because people can see more of Me in a child like You!”……

May blessings find you today as you turn the next corner!  Maryphl_2015_cauayan_069_hachelyn_before_025

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