Just cleaning tables…

Once there was a man, mid thirties, that had grown up in church.  Through the years, he strayed away from God after losing his wife and child when she went running off with another man and moved his only child, his daughter, out of state.  Now, he could rarely see his daughter because he couldn’t afford to visit her out of state.  His heart grew sad and his heart grew bitter toward God.

He was very dedicated; however, to show up for work each day at the local elementary school where he worked in the cafeteria just cleaning tables among many other cleaning chores.

One evening came,  and he finally lost it.  He just fell to his knees and yelled out to God in anger and heartache.  He shared for over an hour everything that had gone wrong in his life and even good decisions that he had made, but only brought him more heartbreak.  Afterwards, as he was getting up, he began to feel two emotions.  1st he felt silly for visiting with nothing in the room for one hour.  2nd he felt a sense a peace like he had not felt in sometime.  Then he said as he looked upward, “God if you are real please give me a sign.  And forgive me if I shouldn’t even ask this of you.”

Well, on the other side of town in a nice neighborhood, a little girl and her Mom were visiting and her Mom shared a story with her young 8-year old daughter about making someone’s day and the importance of showing kindness, especially those who least expect it.  Then she asked her daughter, “Sweetie, is there someone in your circle of people you could show kindness to?”  Together, since her Mom had just eaten lunch at her school with her, they came up with the man just cleaning tables.  The daughter became so excited that she ran to get a thank you from the stash of cards her mother kept on hand.  She sat down and wrote:

Sir, I just want you to know that I thank you for cleaning our tables every day so we can enjoy our food during lunch.  God just wants you to know that He loves you very much and He is going to bless you for all your hard work.

Signed the little girl

Her Mom almost cried when she read those words and as she kissed her daughter on the forehead she said, “Sweetie we never know what this man is going through in his life so maybe God used you to be an angel to him.”  Little did the Mom know what had taken place across town in a lonely room where the man lived.

The following day, the little girl could not wait to give the man the card.  She had courage to walk up to him and say, “Sir I have this card for you.  Thank you for all you do.”  He was shocked but thanked her as he placed the card in his back pocket.

That afternoon, he sat inside his old car and pulled out the note and sat in the parking lot and sobbed for nearly thirty minutes as he said, “God I knew you were real.  Forgive me for ever doubting you.  I want to trust you.  Please help me.”

The little girl who wrote the note, come to find out, was the same exact age as his daughter with the same exact birthday.

Within a week, his daughter was so excited to announce that they were moving back home because her Mom’s fling did not work out.

Do NOT ever underestimate what your young child can do in someone else’s life.  Parents let us teach them about giving of themselves in this world of hurt.  When they learn these lessons early on and they are stamped on their heart, they will never lose this gift… this is a gift worth teaching and nurturing.

And yes, part of this story is true as I am very proud of my daughter for hopefully being an angel to someone img_2794-e1475597473229-600x450who needed to know how much God loved him…

Blessings to you, you are so special in God’s eyes

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