Seeds of You…

My biggest prayer is that everywhere I go, I plant seeds of You 

So others can know You the way I personally do

As I start my day, when I get out of bed

May words of thanksgiving to You be daily said

As I head out the door on my way to work, hurriedly

May I take time to visit with You as you sit in the seat next to me

May I sprinkle seeds of You by the way I smile and greet others today

For someone in my path may need your seeds sprinkled their way

Seeds of You can be given through a simple touch or smile

As I listen to others if even for a little while

Seeds of You can be shared through compassion and caring that I give

Never being ashamed to scatter seeds of You every moment that I live

Speaking to at least one stranger each day

Could be seeds of You that may be magnified in a glorious way

And the more seeds of You that get sprinkled from me to

seeds “who knows who”

Could be a bouquet of the most beautiful array of flowers with a sweet and everlasting aroma that smells of those who have given their heart to You…

Potter’s Hand Poetry poems

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