The Seat next to Me…

May I ask you a question today?  When you jump into your vehicle, what does the seat next to you look like?  Yes, we may screech thinking about all our work papers, kids homework, a pair of socks after a soccer practice, and I get stressed thinking about all the stuff…

I believe the seat next to me in my vehicle says alot…  Do I make sure the seat is cleaned off in a welcoming manner to invite Christ to come along on my ride today?  Or do I just expect Him to sit on top of my piles of STUFF because He is not important enough to give Him my best today?

When we open doors of opportunity for Christ to feel invited, then He will come more often and more readily.

On the other hand, if we have to clear out the STUFF in our calendar ( the seat next to me) before we have time to spend with God, then I believe we really need to rethink what is really important in our lives.

If you make it a habit to clean the seat next to you when you jump into your vehicle today, YES START TODAY- then everything else will fall into place when you choose to put Christ first….

I sometimes do not know how I do it:  being a Mom, a wife, working full time, writing blogs, writing books, promoting books, etc but when God is my priority – the other things get done somehow, someway…yes, I want them done faster, but being obedient does not mean being fast…I have more time with God when some of these tasks take a little longer…passenger-seat

May the Seat Next to YOU….be the cleanest and most inviting SEAT that AWAITS YOUR PERFECT GUEST….

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