When you can’t see God in your problems…

I love this phrase I heard recently as I was listening to a Bible teacher on the radio.  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with problems?  Gosh, we all do from time to time.  Do you feel like during these times that God has taken a day off or He is on an extended break somewhere ( hey, He cannot go on a Spring Break!) ?  Why can I not see God in my problems?

Well, this phrase continues:  When you cannot see God in your problems, YOU WILL SEE HIM in YOUR PRAISE!  

Now let us break this down a bit.  Do you find yourself clinging to the bad news of the world, migrating to the negative Nelly’s and the pity-filled Pete’s, or constantly complaining about everything wrong in your day?  You need a makeover!!!

What can you PRAISE GOD for today instead?  Make a list, change your mental thinking…can I see? can I hear? can I breathe? can I walk? ……….there is not enough hours in the day to praise God for all you have been blessed with.

We are so ungrateful to Him who created us.  We are people of EXPECTATIONS…I expect people to be at my “beck and call” and oh, yes, that includes God.  I expect things to go great for me always.  I expect, I expect, I expect and sadly no one should expect anything from me in return….how sad, but how true.  See, when you become so full of yourself and your expectations, no wonder you have little or no time to Praise God!  for anything!

Change your thinking today so you can become a happier person and people will not run every time they see you coming their way…it may not be bad breath, but bad vibes of negativity that make people run away!4e1fa__67617330_looking-up-to-heaven

My wisdom:  “Everyday let someone, hopefully more than one someone,  hear you say how blessed you are for something or someone!”  This small change in your life will reprogram your brain, plus the positive response you get from others around you will simply make your day worth truly living—positively and praising!




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