The Wrong House…

In this suburban church, the pastor’s wife had surgery and began her recovery.  Since a lady named Maggie knew her through bible study groups and her daughter, Martie, went to school with the pastor and pastor’s wife kids, Maggie decided she would make a homemade apple pie and drop it off at the pastor’s home.

When they pulled into the neighborhood, because they did not take time to look the address up, the daughter began pointing to the pastor’s home to show her Mom because Martie had been to a few youth activities during the evening hours on one or two occasions.

They rang the back doorbell, but no answer.  They could not tell if anyone was home so Maggie and Martie found a secure place to leave the pie and decided to leave a brief note with it.  The note read, “We hope you feel better soon.  We are praying for you.  Love, the Owens family”

Well, days and days passed and Maggie asked Martie if any of the pastor’s kids mentioned anything about the pie at school.  They were both perplexed why they had not heard a simple “thank you”.  Days passed and frustration turning to anger began to take root in Maggie’s heart.  She would hear things in her head like, “Well, I guess everyone at church made her food so she couldn’t even take the time to give us a simple thank you.  How ungrateful!”  AND “I wonder if someone stole the pie” AND “Should I call her?”  AND On and ON!  With each new phrase fuming in her head, more anger stirred in her heart.

Weeks and now over a month passed by and one day on Facebook a message popped up on messenger from a name that did not seem familiar.  The name was Bob Sagen.  Out of curiosity, Maggie opened the message which read:

“I do not know if I have the correct Ms. Owen, but I finally have the courage to try.  I received your apple pie and I ate every last bite of this most delicious treat.  How could you have known if you were not guided by God?  My birthday was on this same day I received the apple pie.  Every year on my birthday for forty years my dear wife Sally made my favorite apple pie.  I became so depressed because she died nine months ago so this would be the first year I would not have a fresh apple pie.  I cried out to God and He sent you!  I have said many prayers of thanksgiving for your family.  Thank  you!  Mr. Bob”

Maggie broke down and cried for two reasons:  1) For judging the pastor’s wife who never received the apple pie and 2) For sending her to the WRONG HOUSE that day to deliver the apple pie!

A long friendship began between Mr. Bob and the Owens family as he spent every holiday going forward with them.

SO, one day, you may deliver to the Wrong House and you never know what happened to your gift, but God is watching and He will reward your beautiful deed in HIS most beautiful House to Houseways!…..

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