Too many “Never been able to’s” so I light it up blue!

I light it up blue as a reminder of how different my life would be without you

There would be less gratefulness as I took more things God did not want me to take for granted– for granted

I would have never been able to SEE the world through literal eyes which brings too many smiles to count, too much laughter to contain, and too many “awe” moments of how incredibly special God made you

I would have never been able to to HEAR things in a new inviting way

I would have never been able to SPEAK to others with more compassion and understanding because I, too, am walking in autism shoes

I would have been been able to SMELL the aroma of your amazing life and be so thankful for the all the senses you have helped me discover in the way God wanted me to

There would have been far too many “never been able to’s” in my life if God did not choose to give me a delicately wrapped gift to care for and moreoverWasson FRONT COVER  gold, I have been given a gift too priceless to explain or ever deserve

As I MARVEL IN YOUR AUTISTIC EYES, my Son, I also Marvel at the Majesty of how our Creator delicately placed you in this mother’s womb…so I proudly, LIGHT IT UP BLUE for you!



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